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Botswana Orphan Project October 2012
Jane Akers
Expires Sunday, 6 January 2013

Botswana Orphan Project October 2012

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Hi Everyone,


On 4 October 2012 I will be travelling to Botswana to spend 2 weeks volunteering with the Botswana Orphan project – a charity that sets up orphanages/schools in Botswana. These precious places enable children with no parents to be looked after and all the children there to receive the education they deserve.


The ultimate goal is for the orphanages to be self sufficient, but this is harder than it sounds and the building materials, licences, teaching equipment and daily running costs require a lot of funding. There is local support, and we are there to help the amazing work that is already being done, but more is desperately needed.


My lovely friend Jael who I met years ago while working at River Publishing in London, told me about the project having been to Botswana earlier this year.


When this new opportunity came up to help maintain the orphanages and work with the children, I knew I had to be involved. And having been so moved by her first trip, Jael is coming back with me. It’s the first time I’ve ever done anything like this and I’m both excited and nervous! I hope it will be a good experience for me but, ultimately, I’m looking forward to meeting these amazing kids and helping to make their lives better in any little way I can.


Please help support me by donating whatever you can spare. All money raised here goes directly to the orphanages. All my travel, accommodation etc has already been paid for by me.


And just a final note, the charity is Australian, hence the Australian fundraising site but PLEASE don’t let this put you off. As a guide, $15 Aus dollars = approx £10. But here’s an online converter if you want to consider other denominations http://www.xe.com/. It’s super easy to do and you don’t have to sign up.


Thank you SO much. I will keep you all posted on my progress.


Jane x

Botswana Orphan Project ( Helplink Australia Inc)

Botswana Orphan Project ( Helplink Australia Inc)

The Botswana Orphan Project is a non-profit entity focused on providing support for children orphaned by HIV/AIDS in Botswana. Since its inception in 2007 we have helped to build six orphan centres around the country. The orphan centres are focused on alleviating the burden on guardians by providing day care facilities and after school care. The centres also aid in breaking the cycle of poverty by feeding, ensuring they receive the appropriate health care and instilling a sense of self-worth in the children. 





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