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Alyson Morris

$2,519 of AUD $2,000 target.

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Alyson Morris


Hi, my name is Alyson Morris and I am the Head teacher of Interactive Teacher Training Siem Reap, which is a project run by Hands Across the World. 


ITTSR was set up in 2016 by a group of teachers in Siem Reap who recognized there was a need for academic support and development particularly in rural schools in Siem Reap Cambodia. Many of the teachers are working in their community schools doing the very best that they can but without formal qualifications. So for this reason a course was designed to deliver interactive and practical workshops for teachers within the Siem Reap community who work for NGO schools that they could attend on a weekly basis and then take the skills that they learnt back to their community schools and therefore improve the quality of education that their students were receiving.


We have been working hard to create a new and improved course that will really empower the teachers and impact real change in their communities. The new course focuses not only on the much needed classroom skills but also on teacher development and then passing that knowledge on to peers within their community. Our vision is not only to help the teachers within the next course but also that those teachers will then go on and share the skills and knowledge that they have learnt to other teachers within their communities. This way the impact of the course will be far reaching and the vision is to foster a culture of sharing and empowering the teachers to become trainers themselves.


One of the important aspects that is covered in the next course focuses on how to work successfully with teaching assistants and volunteers. Many schools rely on foreign volunteers and the much needed financial support that they bring with them. This cannot be avoided but what we can do is help to build a model of working collaboratively so that the children are safe, protected and most of all so their language development and continuous learning is not adversely affected but can benefit from these relationships between teacher and volunteer in the classroom.


As you can imagine, recruiting and retaining experienced, qualified, motivated and passionate teachers along with quality teaching materials do not run on air. So now we need your help to raise funds to support the next course to ensure that all children receive a quality education. 


Your money will go directly to the production of vital course materials; a 30 week interactive course delivered in 15 modules in a professional and durable format that teachers will be able to keep and refer back to at any time in the future. Whilst a large part of this project has been on a volunteer basis we realise that rewarding qualified and committed trainers requires remuneration so your money will also go towards paying the valuable teacher trainers who are putting their heart and passion in to ITTSR.


So please, now is the time to show us your support. The dream of ITTSR and Hands Across the World is empowerment through education. To help support our mission and help impact real change, donate now.

For more information on ITTSR and Hands Across the World please go to our facebook pages



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        Hands Across the World

        Hands Across the World undertakes a preventative approach to eradicate human
        trafficking, forced labour and sexual exploitation, through the provision and support of
        education, people's empowerment and local community participation.

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