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Bel Fong

$3,849 of AUD $4,000 target.

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Bel Fong




Oh hey there! Thanks for having a little sticky beak at my page! This self-confessed lycra lover is hoping to raise some money for a very important cause - the Love Your Sister Foundation. 


If you've been living under a rock (or aren't from Australia), you may not know about the Love Your Sister story. Samuel Johnson, Australian actor and Head of Cancer Vanquishment gave up his job in show business to ride around Australia on a unicycle to raise $1 million dollars for cancer research, in honour of his loving sister, Connie. Together, they've gone on to raise almost $10 million dollars. $10 MILLION DOLLARS. Just let that sink in. You can learn more about their story by copying & pasting these links into your browser (have the tissues handy):


Sadly, Connie passed away this year but her legacy of reminding women to check their breasts lives on. We all know cancer is a horrible disease and so much money is needed to fund more research into finding a cure. I hope that with your help, I can make a small but very meaningful contribution to this cause.


So why am I raising money for Love Your Sister?

Recently, it was announced that the Gold Coast would be hosting the Age Group World Triathlon Championships. So this season, I decided to enter a series of qualifying races in an attempt to qualify for the Australian team. But I wanted to raise money for a cause that would motivate me everytime I jumped in the water, hopped on my bike or laced up my shoes to go for a run. And thus, Love Your Swim Bike Run was born!


I think it's important as humans to give back in some way and help those in need. 100% of the funds I raise through this page will go directly to Love Your Sister (that's $1000 for every race I plan to compete in this season). 


If you're willing to chuck $2 my way, I know it will be the kickstart I need to get to $4000. Donations made through this platform are secure and will be remitted directly to Love Your Sister. 


I couldn't do this without the support and generosity of my friends who have helped me reach the half-way mark in a matter of months.


Thanks so much for your support!


Your lycra-loving friend,


Instagram/Twitter: @the_fonginator

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        Love Your Sister Foundation Limited

        “We believe that cancer is the last true riddle of our times. We want to attack the root of the problem through scientific endeavour. Federal funding for research in Australia has been static for a decade and we’re now spending less on science than most of our international counterparts. Despite this, Australia boasts the best clinical results for breast cancer in the whole world. We are the best with less. Imagine what we could do if there was more?” Samuel Johnson

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        Bel Fong

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