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Chantelle Santone

$9,672 of AUD $10,000 target.

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Chantelle Santone


It’s true… I have been selected to star in a ground-breaking TV show! SCARY and EXCITING. This project involves me undertaking a life-changing adventure while being filmed by an international TV crew. The footage will be used as part of an inspiring TV series to screen across Australia in 2019.

I have committed to raising much needed funds for The Prince of Wales Hospital which will go towards many health specialties. Over the years in my hospital experience I have noticed a need for new equipment, and resources in specialties such as neurology, cardiology, and oncology. Many of you know I have worked in all of these areas and all are closest to my heart as I (and I am sure you all) have had people closest to you affected by these health conditions. I will be doing this for my Husband (Ernesto), my Brother (Andrew) and my Mother (Maree) who have come into contact with health issues but also for all my patients I have seen struggle with Cancer (both children and adults), had anxiety for family members who is finding hard to breathe on the respiratory ward, young patients with cardiomyopathy and worried about what it means for their future. We all know these people and some of them are our families and friends. But most of all I am doing this for our wider community to make a difference. This inspiring project combines adventure, travel, philanthropy and television. My aim is to attract a minimum of $10,000 in donations, which I am asking for your support. To assist me in this journey , please generously donate to help me achieve my fundraising goal.

In this journey I have been asked to go along on an "unknown" adventure where I will be taken away from my home for a week to participate in activities that take you out of your comfort zone while being filmed. For a preview of what I’ll be doing here are some of the types of things I will be asked to do:

I know all my friends are generous and I thank you sincerely for your donations. It doesn't have to be a big donation (of course they are welcome too) but as you know, every little bit counts. And for me to make a fool of myself on national TV I am sure it will be money well spent....

Thank you all sincerely.

PS: I'm also doing this for you KP.

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Prince of Wales Hospital Foundation Limited

By reaching out to our community, we, the Prince of Wales Hospital Foundation an established charitable organisation aim to raise vital funds to ensure the continued development of research, education, health promotion and special projects, which will provide integrated health care for the patients of the POWH.

Through our fundraising programs we help to support research into innovative new medical and surgical techniques, and models of patient care. 

We assist in the purchase of equipment and with the refurbishment of departments to ensure every hospital patient receives the highest standard of care. 

"Every patient deserves the highest level of care from specially trained staff using the best techniques and facilities available."

I can assure you that every donation you make to the POWHF helps.

From making dreams a reality for our metastatic cancer patients in our Dreams2Live4 program, to refurbishing wards, purchasing up to date equipment, to providing grants to our clinical staff to attend conferences, your gift ensures a real difference to patient care!

For more information, please visit

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Chantelle Santone

for Prince of Wales Hospital Foundation Limited

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