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Data#3 Symantec Racing Challenge
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Expires Sunday, 12 April 2015

Data#3 Symantec Racing Challenge

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This year the Data#3 Symantec Racing Team is coming together to target the raising of significant funds to assist New Hope Cambodia. The funds will be primarily used to pay for teachers salaries given the importance of securing tenure of teachers in a school that supports over 1250  

The focus of New Hope Cambodia is 'free education for all' as the founders recognise the vital role education plays in helping break the cycle of poverty. Whilst 'free education for alll' is an important step in breaking the cycle of poverty, chronic malnutrition, ill health and appaling living conditions require urgent attention.

Please note that a proportion of funds raised by the team will, with the blessing of New Hope Cambodia, reimburse our young u/23 riders for their contribution to the fund raise effort (to be utilised to further develop their talent) and direct costs associated with fund raising efforts.

You can learn more about the Data#3 Symantec Challenge and New Hope Cambodia here:







Receipts for your donations are issued by the GoFundraise system.  Australian donors will also be emailed a Tax deductible receipt (issued by Rotary Australia WorldCommunity Service Ltd - RAWCS). This tax receipt will be emailed within 6 weeks of the end of the month of donation.  For any queries on these receipts, please contact           accounts@newhopeustralia.com.au
If you propose to fundraise for a specific project, please advise us on patf@newhopeaustrali.com.au Otherwise we use your funds for the most urgent of purposes in New Hope.

Our Mission….. to restore hope, dignity and promise to these once proud and prosperous peoples.  Mondul 3 Village, Siem Reap….. one of the poorest slum areas in Cambodia. A broken community of army families, karaoke/sex workers and displaced men women and children.   

New Hope Cambodia is a grass roots, hands on and non government organization. “Whilst 'free education for all' is our priority, an important step in breaking the cycle of poverty, we cannot ignore the chronic malnutrition; ill health and appalling living conditions our students and families face every day”.
Today, New Hope, with the assistance of sponsors and volunteers, also provides free  medical treatment for up to one hundred residents per day for illnesses such as chronic malnutrition, HIV, hepatitis, typhoid,  tuberculosis and dengue fever and supports over 300 families on a food program 

             -  Food supplies and support to 320families 

             - Baby formula for 100 malnourished babies.

             - Education for 1000 students 

             - Regular classes are held for Mothers on Family Planning, Child care, and Food Hygiene; and delivers awareness of gambling, drug and Child trafficking issues.

Please help us to continue to give these impoverished families a future.   For further info please visit www.newhopecambodia.com

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