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Warwick Dean

$1,666 of AUD $1,000 target.


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Catherine Duffett

Oh no - I'm on The EDGE!


Please note that the event was postponed again due to high winds and will now be held on Sunday 3rd November 2013


A very big thank you to all current donors.  We have already reached our target of $1,000!  I encourage the whole Hutchins community to contribute to the RHH Fundraiser and make the abseil a winner too. 


Recently I went to a breakfast function to support Greg and Mel Irons in their work with Bonorong Wildlife Park and the post Tasmanian Bushfires.  At that function I came to know of the needs of the RHH Research Foundation and it was agreed among some of us that we really should raise funds for them by committing to a fundraiser via an abseil from Hobart’s iconic Wrest Point on Sunday 25 August! Yes, from that roof to the ground to raise funds for medical research.

So, "Let’s do it!!!" was the cry from the brave, foolhardy and also those dedicated to medical research.
After planning and gaining the support of the fabulous Aardvark Adventures, I’d love you to support me in my quest to 'Heave the Headmaster' and help me by donating online to help me reach my first-step goal of $500.
Here’s what I’m thinking:
•         I hope the Hutchins Community will raise the most money for medical research
•         I have abseiled before but money will assist my aging bones mimic the feats of the past
•         I’m old enough to know better – but life's a challenge
•         I’ve already had one hip replacement and one knee replacement so there is no loss at the airport security beeper if further panel beating is required
•         My surgeon knows I cannot do fun runs so an abseil is another way to raise money
•         I’ll be allowed to get on the roof at Wrest Point and not be arrested
•         And, I am promised a muscle releasing massage at the end of it all.
My initial objective is to raise $1000 but who knows where it can go from there?
All profits go toward our local medical research – I’d love to see more projects focusing on health issues here in Tassie.

Head on over to my fundraising page and click on the green donate button.
If you can spare any amount that would be wonderful. Just click on this link to GoFundraise to make a tax deductible donation - every dollar counts and I would so appreciate your support as I go over The EDGE!
Thank you, I hope that you can spare a few dollars to help our amazing researchers continue their great work.

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Local medical research saves lives

The Research Foundation is an independent entity, raising funds for local health and medical research in Tasmania.

Since establishment in 1997, through the generosity of the community, the Foundation has invested almost $6m in funding for research that is of particular relevance to diseases and disorders which per capita are more prevalent in Tasmania.

Several current and recent research projects include investigation into various forms of cancer, Cystic Fibrosis, asthma, diabetes, Jack Jumper research, Vitamin D, oxygenation of pre term infants and predicting recovery following brain trauma to name just a few. The RHH Research Foundation has also appointed eight post-doctoral research fellows to undertake significant investigations into conditions including Parkinson’s disease, Cystic Fibrosis, general respiratory disease, haematology and Multiple Sclerosis on a full time basis.

As an independent entity, the Foundation relies on the corporate and general communities for its fundraising.

Please help us continue world class medical and health research - your donation can make a positive difference.

Your donations will contribute to significant local health and medical research with the potential to improve health and wellbeing for people everywhere.

By supporting an active, well-resourced medical research program in Tasmania, you’ll help us attract and retain highly skilled medical personnel, enhancing quality medical care for Tasmanians.

Find out more:

Phone: (03) 6166 1319

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Warwick Dean


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