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Debra Maree

$362 of AUD $1,000 target.

Raised by 0 people in days for Full Gospel Assembly (Melbourne) Inc

Philippines Medical Missions Trip


Hi Everyone,
I am going to the Philippines in April with a team of healthcare professionals to provide medical attention, prayer and support to locals who need it but can’t afford it. For many of our patients, our visits are their only access to healthcare each year.
This is the 6th annual mission trip to Philippines, where we work with the local churches in Pasig and Caloocan (just outside of Manila). Last year, over 2,000 patients were treated.
To me, a week off from work seems small, but I know that the impact that the team of over 30 medical volunteers (doctors, dentists, dental/oral health therapists, optometrists) combined with your contribution can have a big impact, not just for our patients but our own perspectives and priorities.
Everyone going on the trip will be fully self-funded, meaning 100% of what you give will go directly to purchasing medication, glasses and other necessary equipment or supplies needed to meet the medical needs of our patients in the Philippines.
I am personally aiming to raise $1,000 by April 20th.
Please also support us and our patients in prayer as we bring God’s love to the Philippines.
Thank you for partnering with us.
Love Debra

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Full Gospel Assembly (Melbourne) Inc


FGA Melbourne is a multi-generational multi-cultural church in Box Hill, Victoria. We are part of the Associated Christian Ministries denomination and have been operating in Melbourne for over 20 years. We meet for Sunday Service at 10am at Kingswood College, 355 Station Street, Box Hill Vic 3128. More information is available at


FGA Melbourne organises a yearly medical mission to provide medical attention and optical services to the people of Pasig and Caloocan in Philippines for FREE. Our volunteer doctors, dentists, optometrists and mission members pay their own way for the trip and cover their own local costs, enabling 100% of funds raised to be directed to the work of the mission.

The poorest Filipino family earns an average income of about AUD5 daily. Expenses for food account for two-thirds of a family of five’s expenditures, followed by expenditure for electricity, water and other fuels. Healthcare in Philippines has yet to be free or subsidized. Thus, for the sick to seek medical help it is the least of their priorities. So for some, going to a doctor would mean having to forgo breakfast, lunch or dinner for a day, two days or a week. It would mean borrowing money from another relative, whom they can never repay. Or work a few more shifts in a factory to buy medication or pay the hospital bills. If you are the breadwinner of the family, falling sick would mean your children will have no food on the table when they’re hungry. Therefore many people wait until they are at their final stages of illness before going to the hospital. Some never recover from their illnesses.

This coming April, FGA Melbourne will run their 6th annual medical mission trip to provide medical,dental attention and optical services to the people of Pasig and Caloocan in Philippines for FREE. However, we cannot do this on our own. We are hoping to raise $15,000 by the 22nd of April to set up mobile clinics, and your contribution will go to buying medication and other essential supplies for them.

Partner with us and we will bring your love to the people of Philippines at our own expenses.
Your simple contribution will go a long long way.

From the bottom of our hearts, we want to thank you for your heart of giving and for blessing the people of Philippines.


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Created by

Debra Maree

for Full Gospel Assembly (Melbourne) Inc

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