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Sydney Aquarium Cons

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Help us create more habitat for native fish!


Freshwater fish are the most endangered group of animals on the planet, with over a third of known species facing extinction (IUCN 2011).

  • Loss of habitat, degraded water quality, barriers to fish passage (weirs, dams) and competition with exotic species all threaten the future of our freshwater fish.
  • Of the 83 species of freshwater fish in south eastern Australia, over half migrate at least once as part of their life cycle. Some species can migrate thousands of kilometres to reproduce.
  • Barriers to fish passage prevent the migration of native fish species and can have severe implications for these populations. In extreme cases, barriers can result in localised extinctions. This has occurred for golden perch populations above several large weirs and dams.
  • The Murray Darling alone has over 4,000 weirs, many of which are unlicensed and obsolete and are obstructing native fish passage.

Bangate Bridge Weir on Narran River, is one such weir. Unfortunately, there are not enough funds to remove many of these barriers. But that's how we can help.

Help us create an additional 60km of native fish passage by raising funds to remove this barrier.

SACF will be working with State authorities, NGOs and local communities to raise funds to remove the weir which will bring back native fish passage. We just need the last $5,000 to add to the pool of $30,000 already collected to remove this barrier.


Donate now and help our endangered native fish!

This could mean the difference between a native fish  population being able to sustain itself, or not.


About Bangate Bridge Weir

You can find out more about the weir and the species found there as well as more information about the labyrinth of weirs and dams here.

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Sydney Aquarium Conservation Fund Inc

Sydney Aquarium Conservation Fund (SACF) is the non profit, conservation arm of Sydney Aquarium. Our goal is to inspire our visitors to become passionate stewards of the aquatic environment.


As we are a listed charity on the Federal Register of Environmental Organisations (REO) all donations over $2 are tax deductible.


You can find out more about our projects at

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Sydney Aquarium Cons

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