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Sonia Bryson

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AUD $109 of AUD $2,000 target.

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Sonia Bryson


Hi there!


Did you know just 3.6kms from Australia lies a country of which 80% of it's nation is off the electrical grid?


Australia and Papua New Guinea have one of the greatest social and economic disparities in the world for two counties who share such a close distance and historical relationship.


As thousands of young Australian men risked and lost their lives to fight for the life we live today, beside them walked angels protecting and guiding them to safety. Between the two, formed a relationship they thought time could never defy. 


Yet now 76 years later, the disparity between these two sister nations couldn't be greater.


While we here in Australia Face-Time our loved ones from 38,000ft above the ground or bid to win a ticket to the moon and back, our closest neighbour lives in darkness.


In July next year, our team will be Crossing Kokoda to raise awareness of this very disparity and to Honour the memory of our of our fallen soldiers. We will also join KTF, SolarBuddy and On Track Expeditions in a project that aims to provide energy saving light to each and every home along the Kokoda track!!


"They were there for us in our darkest hours, now it's time for us to lend a helping hand".


Any contribuation you make is greatly appreciated!!


Donations made through this platform are secure and will be remitted directly through to my charity of choice.

Thanks so much for your support!

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          KTF (Kokoda Track Foundation)

          We’re a group of passionate and innovative problem solvers making a difference in Papua New Guinea.Our aim is to advance educationhealthlivelihoods and leadership outcomes for every person in the country. By providing sustainable solutions that work – things like teacher traininghealth infrastructuresupplies and resourcesmicro businessesand leadership opportunities – we achieve long term impact. They were there for us in our darkest hour… now it’s our turn to lend a hand.

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          Sonia Bryson

          for KTF (Kokoda Track Foundation)

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          AUD $109 of AUD$2,000 target

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          AUD $1,827 of AUD$20,000 target

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