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$16,461 of $100,000 target.

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Whitelion/Open Family Australia and Let's Feed

$16,461 of $100,000 target.

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Wyndham Youth Homelessness Project




Whitelion/Open Family Australia, together with Lets Feed are aiming to raise $100,000 by the end of 2016 to support an additional 50 young people experiencing homelessness and unstable housing in Wyndham.


Funds raised will be utilised through the Whitelion Wyndham Housing Program and Street Outreach Program to provide short to medium term accommodation, outreach and case management support, material aid assistance, training, education and employment pathways and transition planning in to long term sustainable housing.






  • DONATE: Donate funds towards the Wyndham Homelessness Project for Youth by hitting the DONATE button at the top of the page
  • FUNDRAISE: Arrange a fundraiser in your local business, school or group to raise funds towards the Wyndham Homelessness Project for Youth. Head to to download the project flyer and fundraising guidelines.
  • LEARN MORE: Learn more about the issue of Youth Homelessness and the valuable work that Whitelion and Lets Feed does by exploring our web pages- or
  • SPREAD THE WORD: Spread the word about the Wyndham Homelessness Project for Youth. Use the power of your voice to let everyone know about the issue of youth homelessness. Social media can be a great platform to share your message for change. Head to:

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Whitelion is charity established over 16 years ago to fill a desperate need in the community.  The charity opens doors to opportunities, positive relationships and community connections for youth at risk aged between 10 to 25 years old, with practical support such as mentoring programs, education and employment.   The young people Whitelion works with are among the most disadvantaged members of our community who often come from extremely abusive families, including sexual, drug or alcohol abuse.    Whitelion helps young people find the courage to seek a better future and aims to break the cycle of substance abuse, criminal activity and incarceration by providing young people at risk with opportunities to make links and build relationships with the community with education and employment opportunities.  Past research shows that over 90% of young people involved in Whitelion’s mentoring programs do not reoffend.   You may be aware of the following staggering statistics:  [list] [*]There are 46,187 substantiated child protection reports each year [*]There are nearly 50,000 vulnerable young people in Australia and nearly 15,000 at high risk. [*]There are 32,400 young people between 12 to 24 years who are homeless in Australia. [*]For many years, hundreds of highly vulnerable young people have been engaged and helped by Whitelion nationally on a one-to-one basis. [*]Whitelion connects at risk young people with the community with effective and practical support to educate them to make positive and often life changing choice [/list]

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Whitelion/Open Family Australia and Let's Feed

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$16,461 of $100,000 target

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