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Abbie Tipler

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$2,180 of $2,500 target.

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Mosman Vets Running for Greyhounds


Dear friend of Mosman Vets,
This year Dr Abbie has rounded up a crew to run the 10KM!!!!! Minimos for Greyhound Rescue. (Those that were not keen were 'accidentely told' it was a 5km run....whoops! They may need a few cheers along the way on the day).
At Mosman Vets we are constantly saddened that our loyal Greyhound champions are cast aside at the end of their careers (or in some cases before they have even started!). Many many greyhounds are euthanased as homes cannot be found. Sadly, at the same time, puppies are being bred like wildfire, when in some cases a Greyhound could be a good pet.
Greyhounds are gentle and affectionate. They don't need a lot of exercise, don’t lose much hair, don’t have that ‘doggy smell’, rarely bark and make excellent family pets. If you need more information about Greyhounds as pets or the charity, then go to their website
Greyhound Rescue has full charity status, it does not receive any official funding and relies solely on donations, which are tax deductible, and fundraising to pay for the initial costs involved to desex, vaccinate, microchip, heartworm test the greyhounds and the long term costs to keep them in food and shelter until they find a home.
That is why Mosman Vets has decided to support Greyhound rescue. Running on behalf of our running counterparts, who don't want to run, they just want a home.
Help Mosman Vets help Greyhound Rescue!

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$2,180 of $2,500 target

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    Greyhound Rescue Inc

    Greyhound Rescue, run by just two people and a few volunteers, saves and homes many greyhounds surplus to requirements of the Racing Industry. There is no official funding and Greyhound Rescue relies solely on donations. We would be grateful if you were able to help us fundraise as we cannot continue our work without your support.

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    Abbie Tipler

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    $2,180 of $2,500 target

    0 people in days

    $2,180 of $2,500 target

    0 people in days