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Julie Sladden
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In 2015 the Paddle4pink team have an exciting challenge instore!  The Tamar - Molokai Challenge, set to take place in May 2015, will see breast cancer survivor Julie Sladden race local paddler Luke O'Garey in a 52km paddle. On Saturday May 23rd Julie will paddle 52km in a tide-assisted paddle on the Tamar River, Tasmania, to set a time for Luke to beat the following week, on May 30th,  in the World Championship surfski race - the Molokai Challenge, Hawaii.  The winner gets bragging rights.

Our aim is to raise as much as we can for Tasmanian Breast Cancer Research.  Follow our plans and progress on the Paddle4pink facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/paddle4pink 

PADDLE4PINK raises much needed funds for research to support Tasmanian women with breast cancer and to improve treatment options available for all breast cancer patients in the future.

All donations go directly to fund this current research being undertaken by the RHH Research Foundation, so click on DONATE!  Any donation, big or small, is gratefully accepted. 

With the idea for this fundraiser coming from Luke, it is supported by friend and breast cancer survivor Julie Sladden, the pair having mutual interest in paddling and a desire to help others.

Thank you for your support and helping to make a difference to our community! – Luke and Julie


Meet Julie and Luke

Julie - a breast cancer survivor, doctor and occasional paddler met Luke in 2013 when she started looking for a new kayak after surgery for breast cancer in 2013.  Finding her kayak too heavy to lift following surgery, Luke assisted in getting a lighter, pink custom-designed number in from Canada.

“During my diagnosis and treatment, I was unable to raise my arms or lift anything heavy as I recovered from surgery.  I found this very difficult, as being out on the water was one of the places where I was able to forget about breast cancer and all the treatments I was having.  My paddling buddies were amazing though.  One of them put me in a double kayak and just got me out there – even though I couldn’t really paddle.  As I got stronger and was able to paddle my own boat, they helped with lifting my boat and keeping me company on the water – in case I fell in!  Just being out on the water worked wonders in my rehabilitation and over time I was able to build up my strength.  With my new boat I am now able to get out on the water whenever I like, and continue to get stronger every day.  The paddling especially helps  keep things moving in my right arm which is prone to lymphoedema, a side effect from the surgery.

“Luke’s assistance in getting me back on the water in my new boat helped in so many ways.  Now that he’s had this idea to paddle from Bridport to Devonport it’s just amazing that he can contribute further and raise funds for better treatments and recovery programs for others diagnosed with breast cancer.”

For Luke, husband to Bec and father of (20mth old) Lily this is a challenge he doesn’t undertake lightly but this paddler has 6 Coolangatta Golds and a gold medal at the world masters games that shows he is more than up to the task.  Luke says, “I never really thought about it until recently, but now that we have Lily, I hope that by the time she becomes an adult that we will have more things in place to help prevent, treat and support women with breast cancer.”

“I urge everyone to help us raise these vital funds for Tasmanian Breast Cancer Research – it means so much to know that other patients would have access to better treatment and recovery programs.

Please donate to support Luke and achieve our goal!

How funds will be used 

With a project under development for funding through the RHH Research Foundation, vital equipment is needed to help support and extend this research. Breast cancer is the most common cancer diagnosed in Tasmanian women – with many patients experiencing upper limb pain, fatigue, lymphoedema, weakness, restricted range of motion, joint arthralgia, neuropathy and even osteoporosis.  This study will enable the development of medical management plans for people just like Julie, along with individualised exercise plans and rehabilitation for those Tasmanian Women diagnosed with breast cancer. 

RHH Research Foundation Inc

RHH Research Foundation Inc

Local medical research saves lives

The Research Foundation is an independent entity, raising funds for local health and medical research in Tasmania.

Since establishment in 1997, through the generosity of the community, the Foundation has invested almost $6m in funding for research that is of particular relevance to diseases and disorders which per capita are more prevalent in Tasmania.

Several current and recent research projects include investigation into various forms of cancer, Cystic Fibrosis, asthma, diabetes, Jack Jumper research, Vitamin D, oxygenation of pre term infants and predicting recovery following brain trauma to name just a few. The RHH Research Foundation has also appointed eight post-doctoral research fellows to undertake significant investigations into conditions including Parkinson’s disease, Cystic Fibrosis, general respiratory disease, haematology and Multiple Sclerosis on a full time basis.

As an independent entity, the Foundation relies on the corporate and general communities for its fundraising.

Please help us continue world class medical and health research - your donation can make a positive difference.

Your donations will contribute to significant local health and medical research with the potential to improve health and wellbeing for people everywhere.

By supporting an active, well-resourced medical research program in Tasmania, you’ll help us attract and retain highly skilled medical personnel, enhancing quality medical care for Tasmanians.

Find out more:

Email: research@rhhresearchfoundation.org
Phone: (03) 6166 8088




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