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Linda Burn

$985 of AUD $6,000 target.

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Tough Mudder Team - Kho Khan


Hi There


We have pulled together a super tough team. Our team name Koh Khan translates to Tough in Vietnamese, we hope its not just a name, we want to live up to it.


Our Koh Khan team members are; Monique Sayers, Angus Chard, James Hutton, Milka Krezo, Morwenna Burn, Peter Zabaks and Soren Bartlock.


Our team consists of very dedicated men/woman just like you, wanting to make a difference, we are committed to helping those less fortunate. We are committed to doing it "tough" for a few hours so we can help make the lives of those that do it tough daily, a little less tough.


We have entered into a race called Tough Mudder which is an extreme test to our mental and physical toughness. Please watch the video below to get an idea as to how tough this race really is!!


Childrens Education Foundation would like to introduce you to Linda Burn, founding Director of Childrens Education foundation,

and our most recent project, the Literacy Project:



Our aim is to raise $6000 for Literacy Packages for Impoverished Vietnamese Children who have no access to books!!

Childrens Education Foundation (CEF) have started a library system, $6000 will provide a large book lending library and vehicles to travel to children in Quang Nam Province (Central Vietnam) including remote areas where they have no access to books.


There are thousands of young girls in Quang Nam alone..... thousands and thousands of children that need help our help, YOUR help.....what we feel is more effective and attainable is finding a way to support the education of those who are less fortunate, we aim to:


  • Support the children we have put into education further with reading materials on a lending basis. It gets the most use out of a book if 1 book is read by 100 children.
  • Create and provide the support to allow each child to borrow 3 books each, until the next visit when they can swap them for another
  • Have a decent motorbike with proper storage book boxes, ideally 2 motorbikes with boxes, but one for a start will work
  • Have three volunteers to deliver books on a regular basis



We went to visit the children and took our first 13 books which were donated to us for this project on 7th June!!! The children were delighted, but we still need many more books!!


So how could you help? Here are some examples of how far your money will go:
Literacy donation of $50:
Your donation will provide 10 books for the mobile library to go to children around Quang Nam, including remote areas, for children without access to reading books

Literary donation of $100:
Your donation will provide 20 books for the mobile library to go to children around Quang Nam, including remote areas, for children without access to reading books

Literary donation of $200:
Your donation will provide 40 books for the mobile library to go to children around Quang Nam, including remote areas, for children without access to reading books.








CEF is dedicated to giving girls more opportunities in life by funding their education.


So that you are able to get more of an understanding as to what CEF does, please check out any of the links below:

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Children’s Education Foundation

Children's Education Foundation - Vietnam works to break the poverty cycle by helping girls from impoverished or marginalized communities complete school or receive further education or training. Through helping females CEF believes this not only helps the young women but also succeeding generations and their communities have the possibility of a better life with more choice.

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Created by

Linda Burn

for Children’s Education Foundation

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